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County Registration is the second step in registering your Airbnb thus making you one step closer to being a legal operator. Every county has its own requirements for registration, you'll see the details below at a glance for the county we currently operate in. 

Get your property registered by experienced experts. Get your application process started in minutes and completed in record time... have peace of mind knowing that you are operating a legal rental property.



First, check your property zone to be sure it is allowed for rent. 

Miami Dade Tourist Tax

Properties within the unincorporated area of Miami need a Certificate of    Use issued by the Miami Dade Department of Regulatory and Economic        Resources (RER). 

          Fee $136.77 for Certificate of Use and required inspection.

**Operating a vacation rental without a Certificate of Use is a violation of the County Code and the civil penalty schedule is as follows:

    1st Offense = $100.

    2nd Offense within 24 months of 1st offense = $1,000.

    3rd Offense within 24 months of most recent of the preceding offenses as well as subsequent offenses = $2,500.


    All owners of residential rental homes, buildings, and units in Broward County, who intend to lease, sublease, rent, or become involved in any other oral or written arrangement between a tenant/lessee, are required to have

    • Broward County Tourist Tax Receipt
    • Broward County Business Tax Receipt

    If the property is not located within a city or municipality.

    • Residential Rental Certificate of Use


    Vacation Rental application Fee: $490

    Requirements you'll need to have when submitting an application:

    • Complete vacation rental application (unaltered and unbound)
    • Correct fee (check or money order to Monroe County Planning & Environmental Resources)
    • Current Property Record Card(s) from the Monroe County Property Appraiser
    • Proof of ownership (i.e. Warranty Deed)
    • Photograph of a dwelling unit from the adjacent roadway
    • Floor plan of dwelling unit (showing square footage, building layout and types of rooms)
    • Site Plan (including all property lines, structures, drives, and parking spaces)
    • Current and valid Monroe County Business Tax
    • Current and valid Florida Department of Revenue Certificate of Registration (issued pursuant to Chapter 212, Florida Statutes)
    • Current and valid Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation license (issued pursuant to Chapter 509, Florida Statutes)
    • Current and valid federal tax identification number
    • Approved Florida Department of Health or Florida Department of Environmental Protection inspection or certification of the adequacy of the sewage disposal system for use as a vacation rental
    • Current and valid Special Vacation Rental Manager License (or copy of the application for license)
    • Copy of completed “Tenants Agreement”
    • Copy of completed “Notice of Vacation Rental Use”

    NOTE: our prices do not include application and city fees.